KitKat Chilli Crab


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KitKat Chocolatory is back with exciting new themed creations that pay homage to Singapore’s local favourites. These delightful KitKat’s combine the satisfying crunch of a KitKat bar with the flavours and look of Singapore’s iconic dishes. Examples include:

  • Roti Prata With Fish Curry – Aromatic spicy fish curry complemented with crispy prata pastry
  • Singapore Laksa – Inspired by the famous 328 Katong Laksa! Can you spot the taupok (fried beancurd) and fragrant Laksa leaves?
  • Nyonya Bubur Cha Cha – A visual homage to the traditional purple and orange dessert complete with desiccated coconut toppings
  • Cendol Durian – Durian, gula melaka, and coconut.

KitKat Singapore has partnered with Tasty Duck to offer these Singapore-only creations to our customers around the world. Give them a try — it’s a perfect compliment to our amazing snacks.

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